Friday, 23 October 2015

Works-in-progress (part 2)

Following up from the construction works at the earlier stages, here are some photos of the lab taking shape a few weeks after. You can see some of the forms, look and feel of the lab being realized.

The metallic frames that would form the tables in the lab.
Hexagon-shaped to reflect the 6 facets of applied learning of SST

View from the window display, furniture being
arranged at the light-duty side of the lab.

Finally the tables for the light-duty area are being installed.
Note the absence of dangling wires!

Overhead elements are being added to create additional
work and storage space above each table.

Another view of the light-duty area. Benches are designed to
cater to the size of the students.

A view of the light-duty area (background) from the heavy-duty area (foreground).
The segregation is intentional, in order to ensure the creation of 2 separate type of
working spaces, as well as to ensure safety.

Another view of the tables on the heavy-duty side of the lab.