Friday, 28 August 2015


Here are some pictures of the construction phase of the Makers' Lab. As we move along towards the final completion of the lab, let us not forget that the space is just one aspect of the lab. More work still needs to be done in order to get the Maker Programme going!

The light-duty area; all the previous setups ripped apart, including the flooring
A view from the outside through the current window display.
The walls that acts as the rear walls of the window display
is hacked away to create a more open concept. 
Adding in the wiring along the floor, to increase the aesthetics feel of the
room later on, with no wire visible wire trunkings. 
Adding in the floorings. A hardy one was chosen to both aesthetically
complement the look and feel of the lab, as well as to provide functional protection.
On the heavy-duty side of the lab, storage units are constructed to store tools
and equipments (right of picture), and raw materials (background)

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